Council electoral structure with wards

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The East Gippsland Community Action Group Inc favours an East Gippsland Shire Council structure with wards.

A ward structure, amongst other things provides:

  1. A greater voice by the people. With an undivided structure the people are disempowered and for example do not know which councillor to contact regarding a matter.
  2. Effective representation as ward councillors are likely to be elected because they live in, or are familiar with the ward area. A local person should have a fuller understanding of the issues facing that local community and be able to connect with his/her constituents.
  3. A ward councillor can be held more accountable.
  4. An undivided electorate favour’s the incumbent councillor due to press coverage and attending events or a candidate aligned to a political party. Whereas a ward structure gives anyone with a genuine community interest a chance to be elected.

The Group would be in favour of a ward structure with the number of councillors per ward reflecting the number of voters.  For example, a Bairnsdale District Ward might have 3 councillors and a Far East District Ward (Mallacoota/Bemm River) might have 1 councillor, and so on.

We will contribute to the next review and would appreciate individuals in the community contacting us to show their support and/or joining the Group.

Together we can effect positive change.